Leading Energy Company with Inventory Mgmt. Challenges

Industry : Energy

A leading energy company’s part of business is post sale services to customers on the Wind turbines. The business was separated into Parts and Services divisions. The Services division sourced the parts from Parts division through Internal requisitions.

By instituting the Warehouse Management System, cialis we helped improve our client’s distribution efficiency, cialis buy quality, reduce costs and ultimately prepare the business for DC consolidation.


Provided the tagging of Parts solution to the business. Provided the ability for parts to be tagged by the service request that was created to service the turbine. The Field Service division provided the Service request created in the internal requisition while requesting for parts procurement. All inventory transaction were restricted to use the service request whenever a parts transaction occurred. So the Warehouse Inventory in parts always released parts based on the service request. All inventory transfers were tagged with the Service Request. This allowed the business to track the parts and appropriately bill the services business and maintain an appropriate inventory. Also resolved the closing and reconciliation issues.


Business was better able to estimate parts procurement and inventory on hand. This saved the business an estimated total of 1 million dollars annually.

  1. Issue: No standard program/API available to create payments.
    Solution: Customized private API to create payments, created custom forms as well.
  2. Issue: Accessing attachments from third party system using encrypted URL.
    Solution: Did personalization and encryption using cypher keys.
  3. Issue: Creation of employee suppliers/customers before importing of employee expense sheets.
    Solution: Created two concurrent programs to create employee suppliers and employee customers.